The following list shows A4's recent advocacy. This list contains both publications (including briefs and submissions) and communications (letters & emails).

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NDIS - not the only lifeboat for Autistic Australians

By convenor | Tue, 28/11/2023 - 16:42

From the outset as Minister for the NDIS, The Hon. Bill Shorten MP, said (15/6/2022):

The NDIS will not fulfil the promise if it is the only lifeboat in the ocean for people living with disability.

Minister Shorten is increasingly concerned in relation to Autistic Australians needing NDIS support. He’s used this analogy repeatedly since then.

Actuarial student's issues with autism

By convenor | Sat, 9/9/2023 - 17:53

An actuarial student at the ANU has been writing adversely about autism and the NDIS. 

A4 expressed concerns that some of the mainstream media was linking her work to the NDIS. The NDIS indicated that

She does not represent the views of the agency and we are in contact with her to ensure she is clear in any future work with ANU that her views are her own.

A4's communication with the NDIS can be seen below.