Workplace Bullying

I currently have three investigations underway against the Department of Veterans Affairs over workplace bullying (and being force to resign). Comcare, Human Rights Commission and an independent investigator appointed by the Minister for after ignoring my letters for 3 months. The results from these complaints/investigations should be in soon....bu... It is horrific what a person with Aspergers has to go through to bring the subject of workplace bullying into the light. DVA has also sought to blame my condition.

What is RDI - Relationship Development Intervention

With the recent discussion on ABA vs RDI we decided to look into RDI more closely. Although we have two of the RDI books by S.E. Gutstein we really haven't delved into RDI very deeply, however that may change now... read why!

The stages of Cognitive Development and what happens with Autism

Check out my blog on Cognitive and how it is affected in those with Autism/Asperger.

and the toys that are good for Cognitive Development.

Looking forward to you dropping by.

Ten Things To Know About Autism - FAQ

Hello everyone!.

Here is a list we put together of the most FAQ (frequently asked questions) with answers in respect to Autism Spectrum Disorders and Autistic children and or persons. We hope it answers some questions, and even raises new ones!


Asperger's Newbie: Where can I get a formal assessment of Asperger's and Autism etc?

I am new to this forum. I recently discovered I have the traits... Did a lot of reading on the matter and now I'm weighing up the pros and cons, and basically whether I should turn a blind eye to this altogether... I mean, I don't want to give myself any excuses for not being able to perform everyday tasks.

Scotson Technique Can Help Children With Autism (Help Needed For Research)

Linda Scotson is currently researching a link between neurological disorders and breathing problems. Linda began a PhD program at University College London while trying to determine the cause of her newborn sons brain damage at birth. Linda discovered that children who had neurological problems – cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, ADD, epilepsy or even dyspraxia and dyslexia had abnormal breathing problems.

Please help and complete the survey, there is no personal or sensitive information gathered.

schools restrain students with autism/ASD

The ABC 7.30 Report had a story about schools physically restraining students with ASD (see Hidden shame).

Other schools just kick students out ... which forces their parents out of work. This practice is encouraged by the legal system (see and

The 7.30 Report story blames the chronic lack of teacher training, but the problem is exacerbated by the lack of trained psychologists and ASD-specialists in Australia.

Recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorders

Hi all.

A subject close to my heart - Recovery from Autism.

After reading many posts in forums and groups it seems that there are Doctors, individuals and communities out there that actually frown on the word “Recovery” when in reference to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Well I beg to differ and here is why..

Never give up!


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