A4's submission on National Disability Employment Framework

According to the DSS Engage website ...

The Australian Government wants to get more people with disability into jobs. We see a future where people with disability, like other Australians, can enjoy the economic and social freedom work brings.

Their task force published an Issues Paper and invited submissions. 

A4's sent a submission, available via the link below, that points out that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has repeatedly reported abysmal employment outcomes for people with autism/ASD. A4's submission concludes:


There exists enormous potential for improving employment outcomes for people with ASD.

Employment outcomes depend on education outcomes. Improving education outcomes for people with ASD will improve their employment outcomes.

Currently, employment outcomes for the growing number of people with ASD are abysmal – substantially behind outcomes for people with other disability and other marginalised population subgroups (which are also a national disgrace). Job outcomes for people with ASD are especially poor/inequitable when compared to employment rates for people without disability.

There is little prospect that existing programs and plans will improve employment outcomes for people with ASD. A4 suggests that government needs to

  • recognise people with ASD have distinct needs that are not being addressed, let alone met; and

  • engage specifically with ASD-related stakeholders.