Coaching your teen aspie.

I would like to share my experience with you.

Against my advise, my husband coached our teen aspie 14yr old in soccer for the first time this year. Dad wanted to be more of a support  and more involved in his sons activities.  Guess what, the committee has already sacked the coach.  No surprise to me, I knew my sons behaviour would get worse when Dad was the coach. He swore at team mates telling them they were "f----- hopeless", kept swearing and putting himself down in front of parents. As soon as my sons team mates saw the lack of respect he had for his father, all discipline broke down. It was an absolute disaster.  Guess what, new coach for the first time, not a peep out of our son and suddenly he has self control. He regrets his behaviour very much now because he hates that feeling of uncertainty.

The things we do for our kids!


useful information. Thanks!

I think people can learn from this experience. Thank you very much for sharing it. While it seems like an immediate disaster, it also seems like some very useful lessons were learned ... so the outcomes are not all bad. Maybe there is a less painful way to learn such lessons, but it may not be as effective.