ASD kids in cages - what's next?

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The Shaddock review (ABC News) released this week, highlighted that there's a lack of clear policy regarding the escalation of behavioural issues in the Education sector:-

"It's not clear what support can be provided to teachers and principals in these circumstances. If those directions aren't clear, how can other people be disciplined when directions and guidance isn't there? The role of departmental staff is also not clear," Mr Dospot said.

I urge Parents, Carers, Educators to collaboratively establish POLICY surrounding escalated behaviour,  and it needs to be a model that can be modified to suit individual needs.

Children on the Autism Spectrum are NOT animals to be kept in cages or boxes. Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder - an impairment of the development of the brain's central nervous system, affecting EMOTION, LEARNING ability, SELF-CONTROL and MEMORY.

Let's stop punishing those with Autism for displaying the characterisitics of their disability. We must develop a fair and EQUITABLE system to educate those with ASD, because the current system just isn't working.