Kaleidoscope Project



I'd just like to introduce myself here, my name is David Carberry and I am co-founder director of Company 2, which is a Brisbane based performing arts organisation. Currently we are collaborating with our long term partner Flipside Circus on a new project which is centered around former student Ethan who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. 

This project is quite unique in that fact that Ethan (14) has been engaged in everything from the concept stage right through to performance. He is extremely creative which of course can often be the case with those who are diagnosed the this condition, and what this project has done for him and his family thus far is truely inspiring. 

So far there has only been a short development and a small scale workshop a show and Woodford Folk Festival, and in April this year we will hold a week of workshops followed by a premier performance and the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane. Our how is that we will be able to secure some funding to get this project off the ground, to be able to share Ethan's story but also highlight the benefit of the creative process and perhaps allow Ethan to teach us all a thing or two about life.

I know that I am in danger of spamming in my first post, but if you are interested please follow the link below to read more, see a video about the project and even share the link to our pozzible campaign.


Thanks for reading,