A4 Steering Committee break down

Dear A4 member

Recently, the A4 Steering Committee separated due to personality differences, significantly different views and some name calling. Basically, the committee was not working.

In any case, A4 needs leadership renewal and A4 needs more push from members. It needs more members participating in the activities of the organisation, adding their energy to its advocacy. Also, A4 needs members saying what they want and how to achieve A4’s vision and mission (see http://a4.org.au/a4/visionmission).

As a first step, we ask A4 members to decide how the leadership will work. Please think about how you want A4 to run and to represent your views to government. An aim is to involve members in decisions and to use internet technology in A4 decision making. We hope the technology works and A4 members get used to using it.

To vote, go to our ‘A4 membership consult - June 2009’ (see http://a4.org.au/a4/vote/0906). Make your choices and click on ‘Submit’. Each member has one vote. You can ‘edit’ (change) it up until the closing date.

Depending on the outcome of this vote, we will ask for people to nominate for the various positions.

A4 needs more people involved in its operation. More members need to contribute for a more effective organisation. We need people to focus on a specific issue that interests them, a particular age group or an aspect of service need. If you can write a letter or meet (or phone) your local politicians, you can make a considerable difference.

So once you have voted, please think about whether you can give some time to helping A4 be more effective in achieving its vision and mission.You do not need expertise or experience … we will help you develop those. If you can give us any time, if you have enthusiasm for or an interest and want to try some systemic advocacy and lobbying governments on behalf of people with ASD, their families and associates, please consider nominating for a role in A4.

If you know someone who wants to help, please encourage them to nominate.

In July, A4 will ask for nomination for election to various roles in A4.Please think about what you would say (at least a couple of paragraphs) to encourage people to vote for you in an election to be part of our executive and/or leadership.

Bob Buckley (Convenor)