Steering Committee separation ...

Dear A4 member

Differences have arisen within the A4 Steering Committee (A4 SC) that cannot be resolved.

As a result of discussions and with regret, a majority of the A4 SC decided the divisions in the A4 SC were detrimental to the organisation and cannot be overcome. A majority of the A4 SC have agreed that separation is the best way for everyone involved to move on.

A majority group decided to separate itself from a minority dissenting group (formerly in A4 SC) who do not accept and object to long-standing polices and practices of the A4 SC.

The majority group called tentatively the A4 Advisory Group (A4 AG), with Bob Buckley as Convenor, is now advising the Executive (being the Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer) of Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4).

I write as A4 Convenor to inform existing A4 members of this separation and allow the members to decide whether to remain as A4 members, or whether they want to leave A4 and possibly join a group lead by the minority group/faction of the former A4 SC.

As Convenor, I will ask the A4 AG for options to put to members about the future governance of A4.

Clearly, the minority group can make its own decisions about how to proceed. The minority group can contact the A4 Convenor via email about the terms of separation.

For the good of the whole ASD Community, I respectfully ask that all members and former members of A4 try to get through this difficult time as quickly and politely as possible.

Your sincerely
Bob Buckley
A4 Convenor