How much of a mess is the NDIS?

I really wish that I was writing a positive story, but sadly the NDIS seems to be a growing mess. The NDIS has many happy participants from the trial period, but there are numerous issues. 

Politicians and bureaucrats don't acknowledge their mistakes above. Only the nation's most vulnerable suffer the consequences. And since the full roll-out started, more stories of unhappy participants are emerging. I expect more problems, some that are quite serious, will emerge as the roll-our progresses.

The speed that the NDIA had to develop the NDIA was challenging. Unfortunately, the NDIA and the Ministers show little or no interest in the views of ASD-related stakeholders.

The NDIS needs to improve. The ASD community is still interested in helping to improve the NDIS for autistic people. 

Bob Buckley, 19/10/2016