cannot access essential Government website

Having made no progress on this issue, here is a letter that I sent to the Prime Minister:

Dear Prime Minister

Since June 2016 I have been unable to access my son’s myPlace webpage via the myGov website.

I have raised this several times. Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours mostly on hold with the NDIA and the myGov helpline.

The NDIA said their system is working perfectly and that the problem is with the myGov website. The myGov help people check out their system and said the problem is the NDIA’s myPlace system.

I believe that the problem is that the myGov website has incorrect (possibly corrupted) data/information in its dataset about my myPlace account. The incorrect data should be either deleted or corrected.

Both myGov and myPlace staff refuse to take responsibility for checking this data. Neither will ensure that the transition from the myGov to myPlace actually works for me.

I am writing to you so that you know that even the simplest of Government computer systems just don’t work. And that I am very disappointed that my taxes pay for such a grossly inadequate service.

yours sincerely
Bob Buckley


Since then, the NDIS people contacted me. They did a cursory check and said the problem was not with their website ... they referred me to the MyGov people.

I contacted the MyGov people who said their system was fine. Basically, they treated me as if I was crazy ... and there was nothing wrong.

The NDIS people contacted me again. This time they agreed to meet in person with my laptop so I could demonstrate the problem By the time we met, I had diagnosed the problem: I concluded that the MyGov website had incorrect linking information (for my personal link) to the NDIS MyPlace website. 

The NDIS person also realised this ... and had a way to fix it. There is a hidden process for removing a MyGov link and recreating it. We did this and it worked. 

So at last I can now access my son's NDIS information online.

Clearly, there was a problem with the MyGov website: it had corrupted linkage information, it did not detect or report the error. The process for fixing it was hidden. The Government's computer systems should work better than that. It took over 7 months to sort this out. 

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