Report of the Select Committee on access to the South Australian education system for students with a disability

A Select Committee of the South Australian parliament produced this report.

This report has a lot to say about autistic students (students with autism, students with ASD, students on the autism spectrum). It includes a lot of recommendations. A couple of the recommendations are specific to how autistic students are educated.

3.6. There should be options of transition for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders which do not require separate campuses. (Current Autism Intervention Programs require ASD students to relocate temporarily to separate campuses, and later reintegrate back into mainstream schooling. Options that avoid such difficult transitions should be explored, such as the creation of onsite special options classes, or specialist staff working with existing school staff, rather than relying on full campus segregation.)

12.4. DECD should consider undertaking a trial of special options classes for high functioning students with an autism spectrum disorder and serious behavioural support needs, which would involve:

- classes of six or less;
- two full time teachers;
- support from School Support Officers with time allocated to each student for integration into mainstream classes and yard-time as appropriate with 1:1 supervision as necessary;
- a package of in-home visits and supports which could be funded by NDIS; and
- the goal to fully include the student back in the mainstream in time.

The trial could be undertaken along the lines of the current Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Program (though extended to both primary and secondary students) or in partnership with the NDIS.


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