Determined autism advocate Bryce Pace steps up efforts

Former Brauer College student Bryce Pace wearing high visibility shirt looking at the camera

Sian Johnson

Just months out of high school, former Brauer College student Bryce Pace is taking steps to change the world for the better.

Since he shared how his autism diagnosis shaped his life at a parliamentary inquiry in 2016 and won Disability Victoria’s emerging leader award, the fierce advocate has been determined to dispel myths about limitations facing people on the spectrum.

Mr Pace is squarely focused on ensuring people can learn more about autism from people with a direct experience of it.

As part of his efforts, he’s set up a workshop at Brauer College next month called ‘Awetism Classroom’ to help educators understand how to better include autistic students in classroom activities.

The event, which Mr Pace has gained sponsorship for from organisations including Warrnambool Rotary Club, will feature guest speakers and a panel of students with autism who will answer questions from attendees.

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