Eylwards walk as a family for autism

Jon Ovan

As part of autism awareness month, members of the Eylward family who live in Cummins, will each walk 10,000 steps a day to raise $500 for a charity helping those with autism.

The Walk for Autism aims to raise awareness and funds to support people who are on the spectrum.

The 10,000 step challenge began on Sunday and will finish on April 15.

Tayla Eylward was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and said she had a hard time at school and after finishing.

Miss Eylward said more public awareness would help those who lived with it. 

Miss Eylward’s mum Donna Eylward said the walk would raise awareness about the difficulties of living on the spectrum, including differing levels of social skills. 

Miss Eylward said after the walk she would save for a tattoo to quote how she feels about having Aspergers – “Different, not less.”

To donate, email dje1974@bigpond.com or visit walk-for-autism-2018.everydayhero.com/au/Team-Eylward.

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