A4, tax and fund-raising

A4 operates at minimal cost. As it does not need much money, A4 does very little fund-raising.

It seems that the Tax Department (supported by the Federal Court) might not regard A4 as a "charitable" organisation ... see http://a4.org.au/a4/node/177. Possibly/probably the Tax Department would regard A4 as "too political" and not sufficiently "charitable".

These issues do not affect how A4 operates at present. As A4 does not need to raise or manage much money for its normal operations we have not needed the formal structures that many organisations have to ensure their financial operations are appropriate. So people are able to focus on the advocacy and lobbying work that is the real purpose of the organisation.

Is this the best way for A4 to continue to function? If not, what alternatives should A4 consider?