Bank mistrust runs deep, Autism spectrum applicants plug skills gaps

Four in five Australians believe banks don’t act ethically, the inaugural Deloitte Trust Index – Banking 2018 IPSOS poll (paywall) has found. The poll showed three in four Australians thought banks didn’t keep their promises to customers and found people from different political persuasions, classes and genders all had a similarly dim view of banking ethics. Corporate law academic Justin O'Brien said the study showed "banks' actions have been reflecting short-term shareholder interests, not the interests of the corporation as a whole."

An IT company is plugging a skills gap by seeking out people on the Autism spectrum. US-based company DXC Technology employs 10,000 people in Australia and has hired 80 people as part of a three-year training program (paywall) to find meaningful roles for people on the Autism spectrum. Local managing director Seelan Nayagam told The AFR participants had “incredible skills for certain work around cyber security, testing and analytics” while providing “a meaningful job” to people who may otherwise struggle with mainstream employment.