Autism camp marks its 50 year anniversary

In 1960s Australia very few people had even heard of the term autism, and with next to no supports available, families were pretty much on their own.

But one mother in the small town of Mansfield in north east Victoria decided to take matters into her own hands and start her own autistic school and travelling teacher program for her son and other autistic children.

Mansfield Autism Statewide Services is still running today, and one of the highlights of its calendar is a camp for autistic children and their families.

Producer Cathy Pryor attended the camp which is celebrating 50 years this year.

Guests: Judy Bennett, co-ordinator of the camp run by Mansfield Autism Statewide Services; Dr Joan Curtis, founder of Mansfield Autism Statewide Services and mother of Jonathan; 15-year-old Lukas and his parents Megan Dunn and Cameron Dobson; Gayle, mother of 10-year-old Asha; Tory Wood, mother of eight-year-old Charlie; Jackie, mother of nine-year-old Lucy; Ruby Dobson, aged 13 and Katrine Naoumor, aged 11; Simone Reeves, director of Mansfield Autism Statewide Services