Life changing autism surf camp coming to Australia

For more than 20 years now, a former champion surfer has been using his love of the ocean to help children with autism.

Now, his surf camps are coming to Australia.

Israel ‘Izzy’ Paskowitz discovered the incredible healing power of the ocean through his own son more than 20 years ago.

While on a beach in Hawaii, Izzy was struggling to handle one of Isaiah’s meltdowns when he picked him up and tossed him in the water.

Isaiah popped back above the water with a huge smile on his face and Surfers Healing was born.

Since 1996 they’ve been running free surf camps, helping more than 4500 children with autism across the US.

And this month, they’re coming to Australia at Manly Beach, Cronulla and the Gold Coast.

Alan Jones speaks with Izzy live from California about the camps and how people can get involved.