Loving Lucy

Parenting can be tough—even when your child is considered so-called ‘normal’. Nine-year-old Lucy looks like a curly haired angel, but she's often strangely manipulative and physically violent. Her mum and dad are still searching for a diagnosis which could make sense of her extreme behaviour. But their patience and love for Lucy is extraordinary.

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Being Lucy's Parents

During national science week this year, ABC Radio Canberra’s roving reporter Kim Huynh set out to investigate how science has helped to improve our everyday lives.

With this in mind, he caught up with ANU geologist Ulrike Troitzsche and Patrick Helean who’s a science communicator at Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre.

Yesterday they introduced us to their nine-year-old daughter, Lucy, who has several conditions and special needs that make everyday life for her and her parents very challenging.

In Part 2 of the interview, Ulli and Patrick talk about autism, neurodiversity and what the future holds for their family.

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