Autism Scorecard - Federal Election 2019

The Australian Autism Alliance released its 2019 federal election autism scorecard! It helps understand how the major parties will create #Change4Autism if elected to govern on Saturday 18 May.

Download the #Change4Autism campaign from!

The four major priorities of the Change4Autism Election Manifesto were:

  1. Urgent action to eliminate NDIS barriers to vital supports for autistic people
  2. A National Autism Strategy
  3. Establish a Royal Commission into violence, abuse and neglect of people with a disability
  4. High-impact, sustainable disability advocacy

Against these priorities the parties fared:

  • The Liberal/National Party has committed to implementing 3/4 of these priorities (they have not committed to a National Autism Strategy)
  • Labor has committed to implement 4/4 of these priorities
  • The Greens has committed to implement 4/4 of these priorities

Liberal National Party

  • $2 million to support people with autism to find and keep a job and implementing the Autism CRC assessment and diagnostic guidelines
  • $45 million over three years to establish a national disability information gateway
  • $20 million to expand the NDIS Community Connectors Program

Australian Labor Party

  • Will develop a National Autism Strategy [new announcement]
  • Will legislate an NDIS Future Fund to quarantine funding for NDIS use only.
  • Extra $300 million to support students with disability at school.


  • Support call for National Autism Strategy [new announcement].
  • $1 billion to improve accessibility of existing public places and infrastructure and an additional $400 million for accessible public transport.
  • Construct 500,000 full accessible public and community homes.

Disability policy documents from major parties are available: