Terrace man sells his skin


Forget bus stop seats, a Raymond Terrace man is selling advertising space on his skin in an effort to raise $1 million.

Tim Christian, 26, said every square centimetre of his body was up for grabs by businesses looking to get their brand permanently tattooed on his walking billboard.

The father-of-three is doing it to raise money to improve Hunter autism services after struggling to get help for his four-year-old son, Connor.

Mr Christian hopes to raise $1 million over the next two years as part of a Guinness World Record attempt and has already attracted global interest.

He wants to sell the space through auction website eBay, but first will have to bypass NSW laws that prevent people selling their body parts.

Mr Christian runs AutismMatters.com.au, a free online community for people affected by autism.

A former restaurant manager, Mr Christian was forced to become a full-time carer when, after years of misdiagnosis, Connor was found to have an autism spectrum disorder.

Mr Christian said losing a baby in 2007 put life into perspective.

"So many people worry about the look of their skin, spending thousands of dollars just to get it wrinkle-free," he said.

"If I can give up the look of my skin to help lots of children to have a wonderful, meaningful long life, what greater gift can anyone give?

"Everyone says 'you would have to pay me $1 million to get a tattoo', well that's kind of what I am doing."

Mr Christian said he knew the tattoos would hurt his future job prospects. He said his wife supported his plan.

Potential advertisers are looking at about $100 a square centimetre.

And yes, even his private parts are for sale.

"I was thinking someone like Durex might want to sponsor there," he said.

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