Asperger Friendly primary schools in Victoria

Hi, this is my first blog, would like to know if anyone is aware of any Asperger friendly schools in the Eastern Suburbs/ Yarra Valley in Victoria. My son is 8 (Grade 3) and was diagnosed with Aspergers 5 months ago. We want to find a school that understands and supports children's needs with Aspergers please help!


Asperger-friendly primary schools Vic

Hi, I rang the asperger council and a volunteer, i think called Kevin, gave me the name of a lady (i need to follow this up for myself also) who advises on this sort of thing. There's a reasonable amount of Asperger-specific schools about which I haven't researched yet (my son is 4) and I'm supposing they will require private fees. Off the top off my head are some school of which I don't know if are private or not: Alia (Richmond), Bulleen or Balwyn has a school that does both primary and secondary, there's a school in Bayswater. We're thinking of using a public school (Antonio Park), they are awesome there and already have some Asperger students. The vice principal and the lady who looks after teaching aid issues spoke with me, and showed knowledge about Asperger needs. Teacher aids are shared with kids that didn't qualify for funding, anti-bullying education is everywhere (and is helpful not just rote). I still have lots of research to do, wouldn't mind if you post what you find out. Good luck

Asperger Friendly Schools - VIC

Hi there,
I am new to this forum. We are moving back to Melbourne next you from SA and my Asperger son starts school next year - hence i am on the search for Asperger Friendly schools in Melbourne! I really do not know where to start and just wondered if you ended up finding out much about this topic? Cheers, Rebecca