A new book EXTREME PARENTING by Kylie MCClelland

Hi everyone,

I am just a mum of three kids, one who has autism and mental health issues, one who has a physical disability and another who has a developmental disorder.

I have just published a book about my experience raising children whose disabilities challenge them greatly in everyday life , and challenge those around them, both individuals and the very systems set up to support them. View it at www2.xlibris.com/books/webimages/wd/ANZ/500452/

This book contains strategies and techniques I learnt as both as a professional studying and working with people who have challenging behaviours and developmental disability

This is definitely not about telling anyone how to live, its just what I have done to help my family have a life which is more fun that it isn't and respects everybody's different capacity and potential.

Kylie McClelland (sharland64@hotmail.com)