Bercow Review finalised

In the UK, the final version of the Bercow Review looking into children, young people and speech, language and communication has been released. According to the website ...

The review will advise on:

  • the range and composition of universal and specialist services to best identify and meet the diversity of needs and secure value for money within the context of the Comprehensive Spending Review and available resources;
  • how planning and performance management arrangements and effective co-operation between government departments and responsible local agents can be used to promote early intervention and to improve services;
  • examples of good practice in commissioning and delivering services which are responsive to the needs of children, young people and families and which can be viewed as benchmarks for the delivery of local services across the country.

Specific issues to be considered by the review will include:

  • how the health service commissioning framework ensures sufficient and responsive speech and language therapy services to meet local needs;
  • clarity of accountability and responsibility for planning and service delivery from national to local level across health, social services and education, including joint and consistent priorities;
  • strategic, professional and operational leadership of services;
  • recruitment and deployment of NHS speech and language therapists, particularly those specialising in working with children;
  • analysing good practice in joint working by education and health services, particularly joint commissioning, including needs assessment and design of service delivery;
  • the balance between intervention in the early years and provision to children and young people throughout the age range; including those in vulnerable situations such as those at risk of offending or re-offending;
  • how to further improve workforce skills in early years settings and schools;
  • effective provision of assistive and augmentative communication technology;
  • improving support and information for parents; and young people
  • transition to adult services

You can read about it and download the report and its various parts from