first report on the National Disability Strategy

It seems the first report on the National Disability Strategy is out. It's the report that purports to 'lay the groundwork' for the Strategy, which covers every area of the lives of people with disability, from education to employment, justice and economic security.

The peaks - ONLY the peaks - have been charged with consulting with PwD and their families over the Christmas break - until Jan 30 - but the first report is 'highly confidential' because it is a 'living document' blah blah.

This is important. It is basically a whole of life plan that has been written for all of us. They want national data sources, for example, to measure the KPIs.

For more information, try contacting your disability peak body or an organisation like AFDO.

Note: the Government refuses to fund a peak body for Autism Spectrum Disorders, so people with ASD will find it hard to get information or comment. The Government claims the ASD community is too fragmented, which has been shown to be incorrect. Also, notice there are (quite appropriately) two (2) peak bodies for people who are deaf because the two groups have different views ... this clearly demonstrates the Government treats PwASD differently (blatantly discriminates against, though this is "lawful discrimination" since there is no disability peak body for people without a disability).