GPS Personal Locators Provide Parents Peace Of Mind If Family Member Wanders & Becomes Lost

TrackingCentral Pty. Ltd, a Brisbane based company supplies a miniature GPS Personal Location device called CareTracker which is used by carers or family members to locate a loved one in the event they wander off or become lost.

The CareTracker is the size of a match box and can be carried in a pocket or backpack or else securely attached to the wrist / ankle or clothing. The CareTracker has a battery life of up to 20 days.

If the person with the CareTracker wanders off a carer or family member will be able to locate the exact whereabouts of the person with the CareTracker, accurate within 30 feet of their current location no matter how faraway they may have travelled.

Should wish to learn more about the CareTracker and its features please visit or call 1300 255 990