Human rights, legislation and a letter to yet another Attorney-General

Submitted by convenor on Sat, 16/2/2013 - 08:55

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4) sent yet another letter to Australia's latest Attorney-General. The letter raises concerns about proposed changes to disability discrimination law, and the lack of acknowledgement or response to concerns raised with previous Attorneys General.

A4's major concern over disability discrimination in Australia's legal system is that, to our knowledge, no one ever succeeded in the end with a disability discrimination complaint against a government agency. This pattern of absolute failure is a particular concern when international law makes "the state" (that is, government agencies) responsible for ensuring the essential needs of people with a disability, including children with a disability, are met. It is simply incredible that no government agency ever failed to meet the state's responsibility to people with a disability. It is incredible that lawyers, who succeed with disability discrimination complaints against non-government agencies, never ever succeed in the Australian legal system against government agencies ... that professional lawyers always misjudge disability discrimination matters where the respondent is a government agency.

The previous Attorney General, or her office, either lost or simply ignored the previous letter despite the letter having been sent at least 5 times (we await confirmation of the electronic record of the emails having arrived at their email destination; the server log records were request via Freedom of Information provisions).

You can download the latest letter below.

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