NDIS evaluation

The NDIS* is underway in some initial "trial sites". A4 predictions/expectations are being realised (see http://a4.org.au/a4/node/690). Reports from the trial sites relating to people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been mixed, so far. Several people have raised concerns that their "planner" has little or no understanding of ASD. Their abysmal knowledge and experience has been a significant barrier to realising the goals of the NDIS.

  • What is your experience (email any comments you have to cnvnr@a4.org.au)?
  • What needs to be done to improve the process and help provide effective and appropriate support for people with autism spectrum disorder?
  • The Government is funding an NDIS Evaluation project. Click here to see what it is and how you can participate.

* The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) — this was its original name, then it was called DisabilityCare for a while, then it reverted to NDIS ...