letter to Senator Abetz

A4's Convenor posted a letter to Senator Abetz this morning. The letter requested a meeting to discuss matters arising from things he said on the ABC's Q&A program first broadcast on 17/2/2014.

The letter contains links to the video of the show ... and our transcript of the section of concern of the show.

It also gives detailed reason for our concerns ... and evidence to support our case.

A4 is concerned that Minister Abetz and the Government:

  • misunderstand and misrepresent people who receive a Disability Support Pension ... often portraying them as welfare bludgers
  • ignored the specific and comprehensive advice A4 gave to Government
  • spread untruths about growth in the number of people who receive a Disability Support Pension
  • show no sign/intent of addressing, or even recognising, the abysmal labour force participation outcome for people with a disability in Australia, especially people with an autism spectrum disorder
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