Child reportedly contained in cage-like structure at ACT primary school

Minister Joy Burch: disgusted that a child was held in a "cage-like" space at a Canberra primary school. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

Warning: what follows appears to have been the original story as posted. It may not have been accurate, so was updated ... see here.

The ACT Education Department is investigating how a child was contained in a cage-like withdrawal space in a primary school. 

The structure, which was allegedly erected on March 17, has now been dismantled. It was built with pool fencing, and measured 2m by 2m.

The principal has been removed from the school while an independent investigation into the claims is underway. The school involved has not been disclosed so far. 

ACT Education Minister Joy Burch said she was distressed and disgusted by the situation.

It is understood the structure was built for a student with behavioral issues but it is not yet known whether anyone else used it. 

The Human Rights Comission alerted the Education Directorate after receiving a complain from the family.