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Day Schedule Strips to Teach and Calm Autistic Children

Hi all.

Something we found very useful

Schedule and Day strips are a great way to get an Autistic child to understand what is going on on a day to day basis. It teaches them language and can modify their behavior by understanding what is going on.

Read how to make them and how to use them:


What Causes Autism And How Can It Be Treated? – a point of view

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I guess it's only obvious when a loved one or someone close to you is affected by a medical condition or disease you want to find out how or why it has occurred. Autism still has no solid evidence as the cause but there are many theories and ongoing research.

Teach a child with Autism math and numeracy with an Apple ipad and a number line

Teaching maths to a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders or special needs can be a difficult task, however if you can find a way to teach them that is fun for the child and yourself then it can be much easier.

We recently purchased an apple ipad for Isy and can recommend them for the huge range of Special Ed apps available. Read the Post and see the demo video here:

How to teach a child with Autism using ABA techniques

Hi all.

Here is a post and video we put together on - How to teach a child with Autism using ABA techniques and the power of positive re-enforcement.

Hope it helps in some way.

Also there has been a lot of activity on the web page re: the Adelaide Autism School, hopefully something will come from it!


Autism School for Adelaide – Parents seeking financial backers.

The Adelaide Autism community is seeking to buy an education facility in the Adelaide Southern suburbs to develop a parent run, best practice, ASD therapy clinic and ASD Remedial Education Facility, similar to other Autism / ASD education facilities found in other Australian states.

Read the full article here:

My child has Autism – what now?

I remember when we had our worst fears confirmed – your child has Autism!...
Well as hard as it may be, you need to make light of it, because feeling bad or blaming yourself or others will only make matters worse, there is no question about it....
We recall that one of our worst anxieties was “are we doing enough” and “are we doing it soon enough”....

Read the article here:

DMG and it's use in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

DMG is Dimethylglycine (Pangamic Acid), it is an amino acid that is found in some foods naturally such as red meat, some grains and legumes. It is closely linked to B15 and it increases Pangamic Acid production in the body. There is evidence to suggest that DMG provides benefits for many individuals with autistic spectrum disorders. Continue reading -->

Discrete Trial Teaching intervention for ABA

As mentioned in the previous post – ABA, what is it and how does it work – the most common and distinguishing type of intervention based on applied behavior analysis is discrete trial teaching. It is what people most often think of when you say "ABA" or "Lovaas method." This is partly because there are so many hundreds of hours of DT teaching, and partly because it looks so odd. But it is what it is because that's what works, every aspect has been refined (and is still being refined) to result in maximum learning efficiency.

ABA, what is it and how does it work.

Applied Behavior Analysis. "Applied" means practice, rather than research or philosophy. "Behavior analysis" may be read as "learning theory," that is, understanding what leads to (or doesn't lead to) new skills. (This is a simplification: ABA is just as much about maintaining and using skills as about learning.) - Continue reading -


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