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How to toilet train an Autistic child

When Isy was three we had a challenge trying to teach her to go to the toilet for number two's. We looked high and low for methods to teach her to go when she needed to and we came up with a method that really worked for her and other families. Find out how -->

Learning from Autism

I was just recently having a conversation with a friend about our kids. We were talking about how we as parents influence our children’s behaviours, (with or without ASD). Whether we like it or not we play an enormous role in our children’s lives and we should strive to lead by example and earn respect rather than by commanding and expecting. Continue Reading -->

School Attendance Exemptions for Special Needs Students

Over the past few months we have been battling with the "schooling system" in order to be able to school Isy part time and be able to home tutor her on the days she does not attend school. - Continue reading

Temple Grandin movie an inspiration to the Autism community

We have just seen the movie Temple Grandin after having heard about it in the Adelaide Autism Yahoo Group, and I must admit we thoroughly enjoyed it, I would give it a 10 out of 10, but then again I would be bias. Continue reading ?

How to make interactive Flash cards with sound.

In the previous post Teach Children with Autism Speech and Language we had a
demonstration of some interactive Flash cards with sound that we made up for Isy
to teach her to read and spell. In this post we will show you how to make them
up. Continue reading -->

Home Schooling your ASD child

Home Schooling, not to be confused with Home Tutoring, is another choice or path to choose from when considering the best way to educate your child with Autism, ASD or special needs.

There are many pro's and cons when it comes to home schooling a child with ASD, read more...

Home tutoring an Autistic / ASD child

Home tutoring, not to be confused with home schooling, are completely different scenarios. We have been home tutoring our daughter long before she began “full time” school and continue to do so. But as we have recently found out DECS is tightening up on students that do not attend school five days a week, however there is a system of exemption which can be applied for,-->read on -->


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