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“Camouflaging” of autistic traits linked to internalizing symptoms such as anxiety and depression

By bobb | Thu, 30/3/2023 - 09:42

Vladimir Hedrih

A study of autistic children and adolescents in Australia showed that those suffering from anxiety, depression or similar symptoms (apart from autism) showed a more pronounced tendency to try to mask their autistic traits in social situations. Adolescents were also more likely to camouflage their autistic traits than children. The study was published in Autism Research.

Hayden is flying around Australia to show others living with autism that the sky's the limit

By bobb | Tue, 14/3/2023 - 21:28

Bridget Judd

Hayden McDonald didn't always feel like the world was built for him. But from thousands of feet above, life makes perfect sense.

"It's a disconnect from the world, it's my escape," he says.

Hayden McDonald takes off in a light aircraft: he feels at home when he's flying (Gfycat)

"Being on the autistic spectrum, life is a little bit difficult, so it's a way for me to be myself without anyone trying to tell me who I am."

Teenager author advocates for other students with autism at Armidale high school in NSW

By bobb | Wed, 22/2/2023 - 09:30

Olivia Babb

Jacob Lawrence, at age 17, is a support student captain at Armidale High school, a motivational speaker and a published author.

He also has autism, something he says doesn't define him but inspires him.

"I'm using it to motivate other people to do what they need to do," he said.

At just six months old, Jacob had a stroke that left him physically impaired, unable to bear weight in his legs or move the left side of his body.