Minister calls for probe into claims autistic student left alone in classroom

The Tasmanian Government will investigate claims an autistic child was left isolated and unsupervised in a classroom for days on end.

Seika Purdy said she found her autistic daughter Jordan asleep, alone and unsupervised at a primary school in Tasmania's south last week.

Ms Purdy claimed it had been happening for about two weeks, after an incident of alleged bullying involving another student.

She said the school's response was to isolate her daughter in an empty classroom.

Tasmania's Disability Education Reform Lobby has written to the Education Department, demanding an investigation.

State Growth Minister Matthew Groom said the Government would investigate.

"Obviously we've got strict rules and laws when it comes to ensuring that people are safe whether it be in a school environment or any other environment that the government is responsible for," he said.

"It is a matter of serious concern and it needs to be looked at and it will be looked at," he said.

In a statement on Saturday, the Government said Jordan Purdy's situation was complicated and cited privacy as a reason to not go into detail.

A spokeswoman said the parent has been consulted and claims of bullying were found to be unsubstantiated.

Ms Purdy said she is considering moving her daughter to another school.