Health Department reports no autism in Australia

Media Release

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia, the national grassroot autism advocacy group known as A4, regards the Health Department's omission of autism from its recent report on The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents as negligent.

Mr Buckley, A4's Convenor, wrote to the Prime Minister to ask whether he will address this and other Government oversights relating to autistic Australians.

“Over 2% of youth are now diagnosed with autism. Autism is the largest primary disability in the NDIS. Australia cannot afford to ignore its autistic youth”, he said.

Another serious issue that Governments need to address is the paucity of trained professionals to prevent and address problem behavioural when it arises, a matter that resulted recently in criticism from the respected Human Rights Watch (see

Autistic students in Australia have abysmal outcomes in education and then in employment. The consequent cost of lifelong services and supports are a result of Governments ignoring their early needs.

“A4 hopes that the Prime Minister will recognise that a coordinated response from governments is essential”, Mr Buckley said.

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