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Howdy All,


Firstly, I applaud all of you involved for starting a grassroots organisation, a task which is always difficult, and especially so when caring for a family member with an ASD. I read that members are spread over the states, which does make coordination difficult. Perhaps a central committe should be established, and then smaller state committees can be made. I know that this all depends on numbers and such and I would like to be involved (involved but unfortunately not head) in the SA subbranch. I know nothing of how organisations actually run as such, especially when it comes to treasury, but am peachy keen to be involved in some way, awareness and policy are my passions.

Are there any other individuals out there willing to put their hands up? SInce we all have such enormous responsibilities already I think that the state and federal committees need a large number of people to share the burden and ensure that we all dont get completely burnt out. Come on people, these are our children/family that we are talking about, and clearly if we do not stand up for them, no one else is going to.


Tara Brown (SA)

Mother of son with ASD

Hello all on this forum.  Bob Buckley has recently sent out an email about how A4 needs more help from its members.  It is always a hard thing for volunteer-supported organisations to keep up their momentum, and I think that for families who are hard-pressed, as most of us ASD families are, then time to do more if often lacking.

I think that it is really valuable to have a grassroots organisation, but the amount of work needed to keep members involved is huge... so my suggestion is for A4 to fundraise in order to employ a staff member to rally the troops and help organise members in their state and federal advocacy efforts.   I don't think this need make A4 more official or less grassroots.  I'm sure there would be funding available from many quarters to help fund this - or am I naive??

A4 has a high profile and is so very badly needed, I hope it can expand its member base and increase its activities.  I say this as one of the many who is tremendously busy with my children and other activities, including some focussing on ASD awareness, who just cannot step up to the plate at this time.  In a few years when all the kids are at school, it'll be possible but not just now.


Seana Smith