Assistant Minister's response ignores purpose of letter - meeting request

Submitted by convenor on Sun, 13/11/2016 - 12:08

On 11/11/2016, A4 received a letter (dated 9/11, see below) from Assistant Minister The Hon Jane Prentice MP in response to A4's email that contained a meeting request. A4 sent a copy of the original letter to the Assistant Minister. 

The letter mentions a response from the NDIA and says the "letter is enclosed" ... but it wasn't.

The response from Assistant Minister The Hon Jane Prentice MP does not mention the meeting request that was the purpose of the original letter/email to Minister Porter. 

Please note that none of the federal Ministers responsible for the NDIA have met with A4 since the start of the NDIA/NDIS in 2013, including through the entire 2013-16 term of Government, despite numerous requests for meetings. Apparently, despite "autism and related disorders" being the biggest distinct disability type in the NDIS, those responsible for disability matters in the Turnbull Government intend to continue to avoid contact with A4, the national grass-roots advocacy group representing autistic people and people living with autism spectrum disorders. 

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