Inquiry into Students with a disability or special needs in New South Wales schools

A NSW parliamentary committee had an inquiry into students with "disability or special needs".

The resulting report is available at

And the Government's response can be downloaded from this link:

The NSW Government says it "supports" recommendations like

Recommendation 7: That the NSW Government review the NSW Department of Education Disability Criteria to ensure it is in keeping with contemporary understandings of disability.

It says ...


The Department of Education will finalise and release an immediate update of the Disability Criteria to reflect current diagnostic criteria for autism and other disability types. The department will review the criteria on [a] biannual basis.

However, it is unlikely that this "support" from the NSW Government will make a discernible difference for autistic students. A review of eligibility criteria will do very little to improve the abysmal outcomes that the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports for autistic students (see