Aspergers doesn't eventually go away

My 15 year old son has transferred from the private education system to the public education system this year. He was diagnosed with Aspergers Disorder when he was 4.He has followed the usual path for ASD attending early intervention and being funded through out school. His diagnosis was reconfirmed on the DSM -IV scale in 2004 when he started in the private education system.I have just been informed by the public school that they cannot apply for funding in the public education system unless his diagnosis is confirmed by a psychiatrist yet again. Whilst this can be easily be done and i have gone ahead and made an appointment I find it insulting that the beauracrats think the ASD is something that can be cured or will just go away. I have enough stress attending appointments and supporting my 3 ASD children. Why doesn't the government accept a diagnosis for the duration of the child's life?


Hi, I have joined this site

Hi, I have joined this site and read your blog and discovered that the same thing has happenned to my son who has ASD. We have moved from the WA education system to QLD and his diagnosis from WA is not accepted in QLD and we need to have him rediagnosed. I am fighting this with all my might, how is autism so different from one part of the country to another? Has anyone experienced this? Have you fought the system? Do you have any suggestions?

Hi I have just joined the

Hi I have just joined the site as well, We have just moved to Queensland from Victoria and i hope we dont have the same problem it shouldn't matter what state they r diagnosed in I really hope we dont have to go through it all again