Looking for volunteer to participate in Children's Food Study

Submitted by shu on Wed, 7/7/2010 - 00:16

Dear Parent,

We’re currently undertaking a research project examining the relationship of eating patterns and sensory processing in children with Asperger Syndrome aged 5-15 years in Queensland. If you’d like to understand our project further, please feel free to contact Shu via email: s.ong@uq.edu.au. Looking forward hear from you. Thank you.

Hi there

Just out of curiosity you don't want someone from nsw, my son has aspergers and is a twin and is 10 1/2 years old. He lives on vegemite, arnotts water crackers, ham and pineapple pizza but then I have to scrape all the topping off the top and he eats the base (my husband gets one slice with massive pile of topping) golden circle orange crush cordial and golden circle orange/pine poppers, water, hot chips, cadbury plain chocolate(frogs, choc bars mini, milky way) licorice from darrel lea, lemonade ice block, arnotts milk coffee biscuits and arnotts thins plain, twisties vegemite sandwich and WILL not eat the crust.
My eldest son who is 24 has offered him $20, $50, $100 to try food eg ice cream, meat an veg or soft drink or milk shakes etc