awareness for NSW Uni Students

I am a BA Primary Education Student for UOW and have selected the topic of Autism for a Special Needs subject. I have to present to my tutorial information about Autism. Having 2 siblings with Aspergers Syndrome and previously worked as a teachers aid. Due to this, the Autistic Spectrum and creating awareness is something i hold close to my heart. I want to ensure the next generation of Primary Teachers have an awareness and understanding of this disorder. Therefore i am asking any teacher, parent, professional or if you yourself have a form of Autism, to read the questions below and post your answers. I want these posts to be used to show the uni students real life points of view. I do not need your personal details, just your opinion and experiences. I want to make it real for them. I want them to become the new and informed generation of teachers who understand, support and guide our Autism Spectrum population.


1. What Strategies do you use for management?
a. Time Management
b. Refocusing
c. Episode Distressed
d. Class Involvement
e. Socialisations
f. Classroom Interactions
g. Behaviour Management
h. Fascinations and Fixations
i. Sensory issues and Management
j. Education
i. Literacy
ii. Assessment
iii. Learning Issues

2. What support services do you know of/use/recommend?
a. In school
b. Wider Community

3. In relation to Autism, what attitudes have you come across?

4. What resources do you use/provide in the classroom to assist with Autism?

5. What impact does Autism have o others in the classroom, school, community
a. The child
b. The family
c. The staff
d. The other students

If you would like to add any further information that you believe the Student Teachers should know, please feel free to include this.

Your support is appreciated.

Thank you,