What Causes Autism And How Can It Be Treated? – a point of view

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I guess it's only obvious when a loved one or someone close to you is affected by a medical condition or disease you want to find out how or why it has occurred. Autism still has no solid evidence as the cause but there are many theories and ongoing research.
I recall a few years back we were delving into Dr Amy Yasko's research and work into Autism. Dr Yasko's expertise was mainly in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology, this led her into forms of chronic neurological inflammation, including Autism. Her Autism treatments are based on bio-medical diet and supplementation, with a very strict regime on testing and and the appropriate protocols.

Here is some info and links on her fascinating insight into Autism



Autism and immunisation

I have a little boy george who is just about to turn 4. He was diagnosed as being on the spectrum last year.

On a recent trip to the doctor I found myself being pressured by the GP to complete georges jabs, including the MMR which has been implicated in autism.

George has done well with lots of floortime and OT since July and I would hate to vaccinate him and put him back to where he was or worse he regresses. The doctor seemed to think that mumps is worse than autism as it could leave George sterile if he catches it.

I would love some feedback on this highly contentious subject, as of like any parent I want to make the best decision for my child.



I'm not a parent. I'm new to Asperger's but I read on Causes of Asperger's on Wikipedia and it mentioned that there's speculation that immunizations trigger Autistic development cells in becoming more severe. Although like all Autistic research, it was inconclusive.

I have not been professionally diagnosed with Asperger's but I seem to have most the traits. I was socially awkward in Primary School, coming home crying from not fitting in etc. I didn't go to school dances and I hated dance classes in P.E. I was always a social misfit. As I got older in high school I being a social misfit combined with my artistic side made me into one of the 'cool kids' and managed to get a girlfriend who I actually dated for quite some time.

What I'm saying is, you don't know for sure if George will change when he's older. He won't remember the pain at this age when he's older. He might get well altogether, and when that happens if I was George I wouldn't want to have any issues with my crown jewels!

Hope that helps.