schools restrain students with autism/ASD

The ABC 7.30 Report had a story about schools physically restraining students with ASD (see Hidden shame).

Other schools just kick students out ... which forces their parents out of work. This practice is encouraged by the legal system (see and

The 7.30 Report story blames the chronic lack of teacher training, but the problem is exacerbated by the lack of trained psychologists and ASD-specialists in Australia.

Just go to the APS website (see and see if you can find a psychologist with specialist skills in appropriate behavioural methods. Try asking how many psychologists in Australia have specialist clinical training and experience in either behaviour or autism/ASD ... let alone both.

The APS should be looking at how it is influencing the training of psychologist in Australia to address the needs of people with ASD. It should not be pointing the finger at others.

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