Workplace Bullying

Submitted by Mark1961 on Tue, 5/7/2011 - 18:47

I currently have three investigations underway against the Department of Veterans Affairs over workplace bullying (and being force to resign). Comcare, Human Rights Commission and an independent investigator appointed by the Minister for after ignoring my letters for 3 months. The results from these complaints/investigations should be in soon....bu... It is horrific what a person with Aspergers has to go through to bring the subject of workplace bullying into the light. DVA has also sought to blame my condition. It took such a long time to even find assistance through an Advocate..even that now has become too late for the bulk of the process and endless form filling and information giving. I also had to wait ten weeks before I could see a psychologist. There seem to be so many ways to exclude people on the spectrum from obtaining some justice because inability to access. HR departments appear to be exclusively geared to forcing people on the spectrum out of employment.