government said "people with [autism] may not require care on a daily basis ..."

In its submission to the Senate Inquiry into Special Disability Trusts, FaHCSIA told the Committee (see that

Many people with [autism] may not require care on a daily basis ...

People I have spoken with in the ASD community have been dissapointed (sometimes outraged) by FaHCSIA's claim. It does not seem consistent with data in Section 4 (on Service users with autism spectrum disorders) in the recent AIHW report Disability support services 2005-06: National data on services provided under the Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement (see For example, these data show 47.7% of people with "autism" in 2003 always needed help with one or more "activities of daily living" ... only 7.6% of people with autism did not need assistance with "activities of daily living" (see Table 4.4). The data show that many/most people with autism do require care on a daily basis.

My view is that A4 should write to the Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary for FaHCSIA, the head of the Department of FaHCSIA and to the Chair of the Senate Committee to try to increase their awareness and understanding of the nature of autism, the existence of these pervasive misconceptions in government and the consequent lack of essential services and support for people with autiusm.

Do you agree?



Yes! A strongly worded letter is needed.

I completely agree that a

I completely agree that a letter raising awareness of what is required to support someone who is ASD on a daily basis be sent to the relevant people and departments.  Maybe some of them would like to come and spend a day or two with families who deal with this issue on a day to day basis.  It is the only way, sadly, that some people come to the understanding of what is truly involved.

I agree and perhaps even

I agree and perhaps even contact A Current Affair to tempt the Minister into actually trying to care for an autistic person for 3 days straight with limited resources ie pension/allowance and limited support ie respite in place for a couple of hours. Might not work but may at least bring awareness.

I could lend them two so they

I could lend them two so they can move into the real world of caring for someone on the autism spectrum. I often wonder if they think that even high functioning people with AS often don't need quite a bit of family support to manage. And yes I know that many with AS and HFA do well by themselves but a lot don’t.

Daily Care FaHCSIA's view

This statement is laughable but dangerous.  If we have people who make these comments unchallenged in submissions we certainly need to forward a strongly worded letter.  They obviously do not know how much time and energy a person with ASD takes up not only on the primary carer but the whole family unit.  How dare someone make such a flippant comment.  Challenge away!  Need some help???