media vilifies vulnerable people

Media reports vilify people with Asperger's disorder. A media story says "A report compiled by a US psychologist concluded Malkoun suffered borderline Asperger's syndrome and found it hard to make reasoned decisions." ... from

This person doesn't have Asperger's syndrome so it is inappropriate to label him ... but the media uses "borderline" so people think he's not neurotypical, not like us. Instead, we'll associate his dysfunctional behaviour as relating to Asperger's syndrome (even though he is not diagnosed with it). Here's a previous media report listing a bunch of other disorders he isn't diagnosed with ...

On the same basis, we can claim the reporters and editors involved in publishing this material have their own borderline versions of halitosis, genital herpes, leprosy, TB, smallpox, cholera, antisocial personality disorder, Hep C, ... and "chronic media misinformation, cruelty, hatred incitement and editorial incompetence disease".

Rest assured, mainstream media will never report stories like this or